Product Input Program for Pilot Project (English version)



  • Newest version : v1.1.2E for Pilot Project --- 14/09/04
  • 6.0.65 or more Flash Player needs to be installed.
    When not installed, please install from the following.
       Flash Player
  • Although execution of this program requires AIR run time, even if not installed, the following process installs it automatically.
  • The self-certificate for distribution is not formal.
  • Support of this program has ended on September 4, 2014.


  • A click of 「Install Now」 button of the following figure will start installation of the SLH Product Information Input Program.
  • Click 「Open」 for the question 「Would you like to open or save this file ? 」.
  • Click 「Install」 for the question 「Are you sure you want to install this application to your computer ? 」.
  • Click 「Continue」 in 「Apprise」 screen.
    • In this step, you can change the installation directory.
  • Click 「Accept」 in the next 「Apprise」screen which inquires whether to accept 「AIR license agreement」.
    • If Adobe AIR runtime is already installed, there will be no this question.
  • At the end of installation, the program will start automatically.
  • If an error that the installer file is damaged occurs, disable a security software and install this program.
Please update Flash Player. 6.0.65 or more Flash Player needs to be installed.


  • After next time, if the icon generated on the desktop is double-clicked, the program will start.

Update Information

  • 14/09/04 v1.1.2E Country codes were capitalized.
  • 14/08/05 v1.1.1E Country codes [twn,ind,vnm.sgp,idn,phl] were added.
  • 14/05/25 v1.1E  The Database Management page was deleted.
  • 14/03/31 v1.0.7E The Product ID was restricted to alphanumeric characters.
  • 14/03/31 v1.0.6E The message of XML file upload error was changed.
  • 14/03/30 v1.0.5E The check of Organization Name is omitted when organization data was intended to download.
  • 14/03/30 v1.0.4E A bug of Organization Input page was fixed.
  • 14/03/29 v1.0.3E A bug of Login window was fixed.
  • 14/03/27 v1.0.2E A comment was added to the Database Management page.
  • 14/03/25 v1.0.1E A comment was added at the time of XML file upload.
  • 14/03/23 v1.0E for Pilot Project was uploaded.